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What do you offer for visa

Our services are assistive only and do not guarantee the approval of the embassy applied to, however, we will guide you through how to obtain your visa.

Does Egytraveler apply for the visas for their clients?

Yes we do where the embassy of the country you are visiting allow us that. For most embassies, our representative will apply and receive the visa on your behalf.

For Schengen countries, we do apply for you and get the appointment. You must attend to the appointment as a thumb or eye scan is required.

What documents do I need?

Documents vary according to which embassy you are applying to, call us to get more details about the visa that is needed for your trip.

What happens to the visa fees if I get refused?

Visa fees are not for us, we only pass it on your behalf to the embassy you are applying to. In case of embassy denying visa to you, they do not refund the money and so cant we.

Do you offer visa support letters?

Yes we do, though to keep our good image before respected consulate sections of different embassies, visa support will be issued only with a paid holiday booking through us.

What if visa support is required from a travel agency in the country I am visiting?

We have agents every where and we are able to provide all neccesary support leters and vouchers where applicable.

How early should I apply for a visa?

Most visas are issued within a week or 2, however, if you are looking for Schengen, UK, or USA visa, it is advised to book your interview at least 2 months before your travel date, embassies starting the approach of holiday seasons start getting an overload of requests for visa, thus making it difficult to have an early appointment for interview.