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Terms & Conditions

Bookings liabilities on Egytraveler are effective only when deposit is paid for the tour.


A deposit is not a liability to Egytraveler in case client fails to complete payment before due date and we reserve the right to terminate the booking in this scenario and charge any incurred fees according to the booking policy.


Deposits made when booking, should cover in full the value of the flight tickets including taxes, plus 10% of package net excluding airfare.


Clients will be informed when the full payment date will be due by written payment agenda in our office or partner offices or through money collection agent and are requested to sign the consent statement for the payment agenda.


In case payment is made directly into our bank account, an electronic tour deposit receipt will be sent and will include due dates for full payment. In that case, clients are depositing money in our bank account with consent to the due dates that will be stated in our electronic receipt..


Payments by credit card are currently not supported.


Egytraveler deals with many agents and suppliers all over the world and negotiates directly with some of the hotels. Each supplier will have a different cancelation policy. It is the client's responsibility to check with us cancelation policies prior to booking any flight, hotel, package, car rental or tour. Failure to do so will not hold egytraveler into any related responsibility for neglegance or ignorance of booking conditions.


Egytraveler will not hold any liability in the event of force of nature, war, strikes, act of terrorism, revolution, act of government, arson, flood, lightning, explosion, technological breakdowns (including breakdowns in electricity supply, water supply, natural gas supply or any other services being usually provided by governmental organizations, renovation works being held at the hotels or any other kinds of works which Egytraveler was not officially informed about) and no refunds will be claimed for such events neither from hotel, airline, tour provider nor Egytraveler.


All published rates are for Egyptians and all packages are based on Cairo international airport as a start point and Cairo international airport as an end point for packages sold including airfare. Packages sold not including airfare will not incurr any services or liabilities other than that indicated on the receipt or Voucher.


All international packages and services promoted on our website are available to non-Egyptians as well and at the same rates and pricing, though we need to be informed before booking is made of clients nationality, failure to do so will not hold Egytraveler responsible for any related consequences.


Egytraveler is a leisure services provider by default. All bookings made through us should be made with the good will of traveling for leisure. Our contracted rates are for leisure purpose and in case clients are traveling for business or any other purpose than leisure and tourism, some hotels might not accept the booking made through us and client will hold reponsibility of any related charges without any sort of responsibility on Egytraveler.


In case clients are traveling for any other purpose than tourism or leisure, Egytraveler should be informed in writing prior to booking and we shall quote rates accordingly, rates are not likely to be different but suppliers should be informed prior to bookings and show consent of accepting the bookings before they are made.


All our packages (except for Istanbul Charter) do not include airfare (airline tickets) as airfare differs from one day to another. Packages could be sold without airfare, though we are able to provide the best possible airfare when requested.


Pricing is made mostly in the currency of the destination, though payment could be done in Egyptian pounds according to bank exchange rate at day of payment.


All photos on related to packages on our website do not neccesarily relate to accommodation used or places actually visited during the holiday package period.


Any disputes or inconvenience or refunds regarding the falure of providing any of the services provided by our suppliers will be handled on return from the client's holiday. (this through our history did not occur, though legally must be mentioned).


In the event of overbooking, or failure of a hotel to accommodate the requested booking, our suppliers shall take immediate action to relocate clients to a similar or higher category hotel (through our history, we never had such a scenario, though it is our clients' right to know).


Egytraveler is an Egyptian company and all disputes will be handled before Egyptian courts only, Clients booking with us should only book with the consent to that any dispute will be handled through Egyptian courts and according to Egyptian civil laws only.


Clients booking through Egytraveler are responsible for obtaining visas for the destination they are visiting-if applicable- (unless our visa support is requested) and any formal paper work or any documents that should be requested by authorities for travel are the sole responsibility of the passenger.


Our visa assistance services are only helpful for your convenience, however, if visas are not granted, that is according to embassy decision of the destination clients are heading to visit. We shall not be liable for any form of refund regarding visas as the money goes to the embassies and when there is a refusal, the money is not refunded to us or the client.


Alterations to the order of services might accur and clients should be aware of that before traveling, however that does not mean that services will be denied but timing can change. In the unlikely event of our suppliers for any reason are not able to provide any of the booked services, our liability is to refund the sum equivalent to the portion that was not provided only and with out any form of liability on Egytraveler.


Making a booking through us indicates your acceptance to all above terms and conditions.